Referral Partners Network is an independent referral centered network of business professionals. Referrals are the reason we exist. Our purpose is to help each other grow our businesses by passed qualified, confirmed referrals.

We ask four things of our members

  • Attend our weekly meetings
  • Participate during the meeting
  • Provide qualified, confirmed referrals to other members of the group
  • ACT When you receive a referral, do what you say you’re a re going to do. If you make a mistake when providing a service or product – FIX IT! The reputation of the person who gave you the referral and your reputation are on the line.

We also encourage one to one meetings with all members


The relationship built during a One-to-One serves to better support the decision to refer someone. This time is used to give each other the understanding of the person, their motivation and background, and to educate about the product and service offerings of the business. And, of course, the best type of referral their business could use.