Visitors Information

What do I need to know about the meeting on my first visit?

“Remember, visitors are by invitation only”

Stop by the visitor table and sign in…

You’ll find:

1. Name badge
2. Policy guide
3. Membership application

The official meeting starts at 7:45am. You should arrive before that time so that you may network and meet as many of our members as possible.

When seated, there will be a menu and a number at your place.

  1. Write your seat number and first name on your menu.
  2. Make your selection by circling your choice. Don’t forget the details such as how you want your eggs cooked, what drink you want, etc.

During “Elevator Pitch” segment of the meeting, you’ll have an opportunity to take 60 seconds to tell the group who you are, what you do, and describe what a good referral for your business would look like. You should also pass around a stack of your business cards prior to your 60 seconds.

At the same time, you will be given a stack of business cards, one for each member of the group.

A binder will be passed around the table with business cards. This binder is for Members Only. You may take additional cards from this binder should you require more that one for a particular member.